Sponsors and Funding

Without sponsors and funding projects of the Thame Green Living Plan simply can’t happen. We are very thankful to the sponsors and funding bodies below for their support.

If you are a local company looking to support the Thame Green Living Plan please do contact us using the form below.

We are working with loads of great organisations

We also have a crowdfunder if you’d like to support us

Pledge just £5 per month towards this crowdfunder and you’ll be helping us initiate and run projects to bring down carbon emissions in Thame, increase biodiversity, plant more trees and make Thame greener.

If you are flying this year on holiday or for work maybe you’d like to ‘offset’ your carbon emissions by supporting the work that Thame Green Living and 21st Century Thame are doing to make Thame greener.

Contact us to help fund some projects