12 Months To Act

Thame has a year to produce a Green Living Plan to improve its environment

Your town, your plan

The Green Living Plan aims to protect and improve the environment of Thame so that as the town grows it remains a green, pleasant and healthy place to live and work.  The plan is being created by a handful of local volunteers and must be completed by summer 2020.

Read the draft Green Living Plan (short version)Read the draft Green Living Plan (long version)

We need your help to finish the plan.

A need to act locally

The District Council has allocated new homes and employment land to Thame. If we deliver a Green Living Plan in time, Thame residents can have a say in where those developments occur and how they affect the environment in and around Thame.

If we don’t, property developers will decide for us.

A way to think globally

The Earth is undergoing a climate emergency and we need to act now, but with such a big challenge it can be difficult to see where to start or how to get involved.

We can make a difference globally if we each strive to improve the environment around us.

A five part plan

The Green Living Plan is split into five main focus areas. There is plenty of overlap between the five areas but they allow volunteers to engage with the activities they care about most strongly.

Spaces and routes

Green spaces, walking and cycle routes and biodiversity.

Water and drainage

Water flows, flood and drainage management.

Air and environment

Improving air quality and reducing pollution.

Energy and efficiency

Energy saving, renewable energy capture, use and management.

Waste and reuse

Recycling, waste reduction and waste management.

Something else?

If you think someting is missing we’d love to talk to you about it.

Thame Green Living

We are a handful of local volunteers who care about green issues in Thame.

Our group grew out of the RSA Thame Group appointed by Thame Town Council to develop a Green Living Plan for Thame.  We aim to deliver a Green Living Plan for Thame by summer 2020; to encourage new green living initiatives in and around Thame; and to bring together local people and groups who want to create a greener future.

The group is open to everyone, including you!

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If you’d like to find out more about Thame Green Living or the Green Living Plan, send us a message.