The Thame Green Living Plan in Action

As there are around 180 recommended actions in the Plan, here we only outline some of them. Do read the full Plan though for more information, and to find out why each of the activities matter. And this is by no means a fixed list – there is much more we can do, and we always welcome your additional ideas, and volunteers to progress them!

Here is a selection of projects that are already under way:

Working together with Thame Town Council and other partners

  • Striking new walking and cycling information boards and signage
  • New walking routes and maps, including
    • main routes and signage through Lea Park – with Lea Park Residents’ Association
    • a new footpath across Tythrop Way to Moorend Lane
    • routes through Rycote Meadow to Thame Meadows Estate
    • linking pathways on the Persimmon, Taylor and Bellway estates
  • Haddenham-Thame Greenway – with Haddenham Safe Walking & Cycling Group
  • Phoenix Trail maintenance – with Risborough Environmental Group
  • Solar Streets initiative for discounted solar roof panels and installation
  • Community Energy Schemes – with Henley and Oxford
  • New biodiversity-friendly mowing policy for green spaces and verges
  • Supporting tree planting scheme – with 21st Century Thame
  • More shrubs/meadow flowers in open green spaces – with Residents’ Associations
  • Cuttle Brook nature reserve, extension towards Moreton – with CBCV
  • Working with Thame Community Land Trust in supporting GLP principles
  • Exploring environmental/sustainability issues – with South Oxfordshire Sustainability (SOS)
  • Encouraging developers to support sustainability in green spaces.   

To bring these – and many other – projects to reality, we need as many people as possible to volunteer, all working together to deliver a cleaner, greener Thame.

There genuinely is something for everyone to become involved with: from desk research to communications to tree planting to litter picking, and everything in between.

There are also a multitude of actions that everyone can take right now – for inspiration see our actions for Individuals or Families and Organisations.

And we need everyone to spread the Thame Green Living word – simply liking and sharing our posts on social media, and also talking about the plan at your work place, schools, your neighbours and within your local community will make a real difference.