Love Thame Hate Waste

The overall aim of the Love Thame Hate Waste campaign is to reduce waste in Thame – by helping to educate and enable Thame residents and businesses to reduce, re-use and recycle more


This umbrella campaign has been developed to help educate and enable Thame residents and businesses to reduce their waste and, by doing so, save money and have a substantial positive environmental and social impact.

Our consumer society in the UK has increasingly come to produce more than we collectively need: we frequently buy more than we require, all protected by varying quantities of packaging that is usually thrown away, and we have moved away from a ‘repair society’ towards a ‘throw-away society’. This not only has a substantial environmental impact, but is at a time when increasing numbers of people in the UK live below the poverty line (estimated to be more than 14 million). The long term goal of the Thame Green Living Plan is to move Thame to become a more circular society.

Objectives (1-2 years)

  • Reduce the supply of and use of single use plastics (businesses, schools and consumer) measured by achieving Plastic Free Thame and Plastic Free Schools status, and establishing town-wide reusable and recyclable coffee cup scheme
  • Reduce litter – with team of ‘wombles’ regularly picking up litter and educating children in schools about importance for environment of not dropping litter
  • Increase Terracycle collections, through additional collection points and increased number of products by end 2021
  • Reduce amount of food wasted, through Thame Community Larder, increased use of sharing apps such as Too Good to Go and Olio, and family food waste challenge with Zero Carbon Haddenham.


  • Launched campaign in December 2020 with Love Thame Hate Waste at Christmas communications
  • Supported set up and ongoing operation of Thame Wombles, who have picked up approx 4 tonnes of litter from Thame and surrounding areas in their first 3 months
  • Connected together over 10 existing local organisations and individuals working on waste initiatives, involving food, packaging and litter.
  • New pen recycling collection point set up at Glynswood (by Keira Booth)

Next steps

  • Expansion of Terracycle initiatives post lockdown
  • Production of guide to running sustainable events
  • Become certified Plastic Free Community through Surfers Against Sewage scheme
  • Exploring how to instill reusable coffee cup culture in Thame, and ensure single use cups are recycled
  • Set up family food waste challenge with Zero Carbon Haddenham


Latest project news

  • by Greer Glover
    When Thame resident Keira Booth wanted to recycle the pens her family no longer used, she asked her children’s primary school if she could set up a scheme to recycle used plastic pens. She had no idea if the idea would take off. All she knew was that she needed to collect a minimum of […]
  • by Greer Glover
    BRAND new litter picking group Thame Wombles has been overwhelmed with support in its first two weeks. Tidy-minded Thame residents have already collected more than 40 large refuse sacks of litter from streets and hedgerows in and around Thame since the group’s creation on 23 January. The venture has been so successful that local firms […]
  • by Harriet Woollard
    On Saturday 12th December, the 12th door of the Thame Advent Calendar was opened and those lucky enough to be in Thame High Street were treated to a visit of a magical polar bear. With a body handcrafted from 86 upcycled plastic milk containers by Thame resident, Kay Sentance, the polar bear brought a smile […]
  • by Sara Sheerin
    People seem to be making a real effort this year to have a less wasteful Christmas, whether that be buying less, sourcing eco-friendly gifts or using plastic-free reusable/recyclable wrapping. This is great to see and I’m so glad it’s becoming easier to shop this way! The South Oxfordshire website has all the information you need […]
  • by Harriet Woollard
    Brussel sprouts, parsnips, roast potatoes, red cabbage … it’s no coincidence that these are the foods we all expect to see on our plates for our traditional Christmas dinner. These are the foods that are in season in the UK at this time of year (and isn’t the brussel sprout plant spectacular!) Whether growing your […]
  • by Rebecca Boulton
    There are lots of great online resources for upcycled craft ideas – it’s amazing what you can make from waste! We always love making this simple reindeer picture frame with families during December – all you need is a cardboard box, red nose, a couple of eyes, paper for antlers, and paint. And a big […]
  • by Harriet Woollard
    It’s the thought that counts more than anything, especially this year. But here in the Love Thame Hate Waste team, we have to admit we do love beautifully wrapped gifts, both giving and receiving. And if the beautiful wrapping does happen to use recycled materials, it doesn’t get better than that! Here are some ideas […]
  • by Zara Canfield
    The countdown to Christmas has begun which means lots of festivities have started, including drinking mulled wine, listening to Christmas tunes and over 270,000 tones of food waste! Every day, we throw away 20 million slices of bread, 4.4 million potatoes, 5.2 million glasses of milk and 0.9 million bananas. And every year, 2 million […]

Project Team

  • Harriet Woollard (lead)
  • Joe Chapman (aka ‘Head Womble), Thame Wombles
  • John Hulet – Sharing Life (Food Bank & Community Larder)
  • Zara Canfield – Olio Food Hero
  • Bucksum Farm Shop
  • Wholefoods Pantry
  • Renewed Eco Shop
  • Plastic Free Thame
  • Keira Booth – Terracycle schemes
  • Zero Carbon Haddenham
  • Ad hoc volunteers for support activities

Get involved

Volunteers needed for:

  • Terracycle collection/sorting
  • coffee cup recycling initiative
  • helping to develop and implement sustainable events guide

Project Partners

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Project status:

Project start:
October 2020

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