Clean Air for Thame Schools

Clean Air for Thame Schools aims to raise awareness of the dangers of air pollution within Thame school communities, and assist them to make simple and effective changes to behaviour that result in cleaner air.


Thame Green Living has teamed up with the Cleaner Air Sooner programme to galvanise Thame’s schools to tackle air pollution and create cleaner air in the town.

The Cleaner Air Sooner Programme provides all the resources and guidance to improve air quality at Thame’s schools across six easy-to-follow projects involving pupils – Awareness Raising, Active Travel, Re-imagining Streets (Play Streets, School Streets), Mapping, Idling, and Green Infrastructure. Some are quick wins, and some are longer term projects. We will work with the schools to identify the most appropriate project at each phase.

In June 2021 we have started with an awareness raising assembly and a follow up challenge to walk or cycle to school an extra day a week more than usual. We will work with the schools over the coming years across a range of these projects.


  • To reduce air pollution at schools in Thame (pupils, staff and parents/carers).
  • Raise awareness of the causes and effects of air pollution.
  • Provide simple projects that school pupils can take part in that will result in cleaner air at the school gate.


  • Provided lesson on air pollution to all Thame primary schools (June 2021)
  • Challenge pupils to cycle 1 extra time a week until end of term

Next steps

  • Letter to new cohort of Reception parents, September 2021
  • Potential anti-idling events, Autumn term 2021


Latest project news

  • by Sue Martin-Downhill
    Recently there has been a coroner’s verdict that air pollution made a ‘material contribution’ to the death of Ella Kissi-Debrah.  This is a world first.  This gives us even more urgency to make changes in our own back yard to help continue to improve the air quality in our own locality. A report by the Glasgow Caledonian […]
  • by Tom Knowles
    To mark Clean Air Day on 17th June Thame Green Living has teamed up with the Cleaner Air Sooner school air quality programme, for the beginning of the Clean Air for Thame Schools project. This project will involve pupils, teachers and parents delivering pupil-led projects and adopting small changes that will make a big difference […]

Project Team

  • Tom Knowles (project lead – TGL)
  • Katharine King, Barley Hill School
  • Emma Warner, John Hampden School
  • Lisa Oakley, St Joseph’s School
  • School PTFAs

Get involved

  • Volunteers needed for anti-idling event, Autumn term 2021

Project Partners

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Clean Air

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Project start:
Q2 2021

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