Tackling food waste at Christmas – and why we should all download the OLIO app!

The countdown to Christmas has begun which means lots of festivities have started, including drinking mulled wine, listening to Christmas tunes and over 270,000 tones of food waste! Every day, we throw away 20 million slices of bread, 4.4 million potatoes, 5.2 million glasses of milk and 0.9 million bananas. And every year, 2 million … Read more

Zara Canfield shares her tips for shopping second hand at Christmas

My name is Zara and I have lived in Thame my whole life. I work for Oxfam in the Festivals & Events team and I love shopping second hand, in fact I love it so much I haven’t brought new clothes for well over a year! I also love shopping second hand at Christmas because … Read more