Meet the Team

Founded in late 2014 by a group of local volunteers, Thame Green Living has now grown to over 10 volunteers championing a number of projects. If you would like to get involved with Thame Green Living then do sign up to volunteer. There are many projects already underway that you could help support.

Portrait of Charles Boundy

Charles Boundy

Founded RSA Thame Group in 2014
Lead author of the Thame Green Living Plan 2020

Focus areas:
Walking (Green spaces and routes) and Clean Air and Freedom from Pollution

Portrait of John Scott

John Scott

Founding Volunteer since 2014

Focus areas:
Energy efficiency, renewables and electric vehicles

Portrait of Colin Bloxham

Colin Bloxham

Founding Volunteer since 2014

Focus areas:
Loss of biodiversity and other environmental issues

Wendy Duckham

Volunteer since August 2019

Focus areas:
Energy project, Building Connections and Communications

Anne Fisher

Volunteer since April 2019

Focus areas:
Administrative support

Dom Gabriele

Volunteer since late 2020

Focus areas:
Sustainability project planning and delivery

Jasmine Gauthier

Volunteer since November 2020

Focus areas:

Rich Henderson

Volunteer since 2018

Focus areas:
Cycling and active travel

Lisa Meaney

Volunteer since early 2019

Focus areas:
Communications, Design and Building Connections

Josie Richards

Volunteer since 2020

Focus areas:
Social Media

Mark Stockley

Volunteer since 2019

Focus areas:
Communications, Website, CRM and email

Harriet Woollard

Volunteer since March 2020

Focus areas:
Communications, Business, and the Love Thame Hate Waste campaign

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